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:warning: number26 was renamed to n26

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Un-official node.js module for interact with your n26 (previously number26) account

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Api docs

What's N26 ?

N26 is Europe's first bank account developed entirely for smartphones. With your N26 bank account, MasterCard® and mobile app, you can conveniently transfer money from anywhere and keep track of your finances at all times. With MoneyBeam you're able to send money via sms or e-mail without the need to enter all the account details.

There are no costs or fees, which means you can withdraw money at any ATM worldwide, free of charge. No ATM around you? Just use CASH26 to withdraw and deposit cash at your supermarket.

Open a free account here :gift:

This module

n26 has some un-official apis. This module provide you clean functions to interact with your account.

Not all endpoints are available yet.

WIP :construction:

  • [x] Auth
  • [x] Get Transactions (with search)
  • [x] Add / update memo on transactions
  • [x] Create a transfert
  • [x] unpair
  • [ ] pair
  • [ ] certify transfer


n26 depends on:

  • bluebird: Bluebird is a full featured promise library with unmatched performance.
  • moment: A lightweight JavaScript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.
  • request-promise: The world-famous HTTP client 'Request' now Promises/A+ compliant.

Use :sos:

How to install

npm i n26 --save


const N26 = require('n26');

const myAccount = new N26('username@mail.com', 'password')
  .then(account => account.transactions({text: 'Lafayette'})
  .then(transactions => {
      "id" : "abbc81ce-a5ab-4b5b-a5c2-82541bdb4630",
      "type" : "PT",
      "smartLinkId" : "1125318169-598442",
      "amount" : -21.79,
      "currencyCode" : "EUR",
      "originalAmount" : -21.79,
      "originalCurrency" : "EUR",
      "exchangeRate" : 1.0,
      "merchantCity" : "PARIS",
      "visibleTS" : 1455292872000,
      "mcc" : 5977,
      "mccGroup" : 4,
      "merchantName" : "LAFAYETTE INT.",
      "merchantId" : "970003006643142",
      "recurring" : false,
      "userId" : "8a21b871-0585-481b-ab62-8e3e2d380757",
      "linkId" : "1125318169-598442",
      "accountId" : "5430d368-a0d3-45b3-bcf7-607ece248fa5",
      "category" : "micro-leisure",
      "cardId" : "24f7804b-8a95-4e80-b48a-11fe395ed505",
      "pending" : false,
      "transactionNature" : "NORMAL",
      "confirmed" : 1455494400000


Api docs



do it, it's safe !

Run npm test for full mocked testing with coverage.

:warning: Unmocked :warning:

Less asserts. Used to detect api change.

Run npm run test-unmock for un-mocked test.